The Team

Personal Development for Ambitious people

Daria Andrievskaya

Daria is the strategic mind behind Focus Energy Hub, brings a unique blend of wellness expertise and international business acumen.

With a solid background in hotel management and wellness leadership, she understands the intricacies of project management and the importance of preventing burnout.

Her global experience and commitment to innovation are the driving forces behind her educational endeavours, shaping a new wave of business leaders.

Daria's mission: is to infuse life and work with balanced energy and a sharp focus.

Alyssa Michel

Alyssa is the Chief Health Developer at Focus Energy Hub, where her deep expertise as a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer shines. She's adept at creating fitness and nutrition programs that resonate with anyone from energetic kids to seniors seeking strength and vitality.

Her approach is inclusive, offering guidance that aligns with any dietary preference, be it vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise.

Looking ahead, Alyssa is keen to merge her knowledge with innovation in sports and fitness supplements. Her experience is vital to our team, as we strive to foster a healthier, more energetic community