Personal Development for Ambitious people

Daria Andrievskaya

And I started with myself. I focused on making my life happy, fulfilling and full of adventures. It was not easy. Quickly I realised how important the energy is if you want to do all the wonderful things around you. And I started studying how to get that energy.I did workshops, worked with mentors, did personal development challenges, completed a Diploma in Wellness Leadership and asked lots and lots of questions. There is so much to learn and so many options on what to do to get more focus and energy in your life. Step by step I will bring you knowledgeable specialists, tips and solutions on each of the principles of wellbeing: movement, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, resilience and focus. 
I am looking forward to hearing your stories about how you started living your life focusing on what excites you.

Alyssa Michel

Alyssa is a qualified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and my long lasting friend. During her career Alyssa has developed personalised fitness programs focusing on weight loss, mass and strength building, and fitness level improvement and even rehabilitation of injuries. She has worked with children as young as 7 years old to elderly people over 70. For the last few years she has been following a vegetarian diet, but personalises her clients meal plans to meet all their needs, wether its vegan, vegetarian or just eats everything in sight. Myself and Alyssa met in Whitsundays and became friends sharing a passion for adventures and personal development. She loves all things adventure: snowboarding, camping, hiking, wake boarding, rock climbing, you name it! One of Alyssa's goals is to help people become happier and healthier and create her own sport and fitness supplements (yes, it is a hint). As nutrition is a key part of energy, Alyssa is a key person of Energy Focus Hub. Please welcome to the hub the unstoppable Chief Health Developer Alyssa Michel!