Our Community and Partnerships

It is hard to change the world alone. It is hard to change yourself when your surroundings have different values. 

As Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

So we are surrounding ourself with outstanding coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs that inspire us. We collaborate on various project and support each other in our journeys. 

Angela Derks 

ASWA Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy

ASWA is a training organisation, educational platform and consultancy business. 


Angela aswa

 Angela Derks is the Founder and CEO of the Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy and the course and curriculum developer for the Australian nationally recognised 10299NAT Diploma of Wellness Leadership. Angela has worked with companies around the world like Six Senses, Palazzo Versace, Kempinksi, Westin, Qantas First Lounges and others. 

ASWA is focusing on:

  • consulting major companies on change management, wellness and culture development 

  • a pioneer training organisation delivering government certified courses in Wellbeing

  • providing personalised coaching for manager and leaders

  • sharing 25+ years of experience on stages, podcasts and webinars

ASWA logo

Daria is a proud alumni of the Diploma that she completed under personal mentorship of Angela. This experience has set up the seed of the structured knowledge in wellbeing industry and the idea of creating educational wellbeing business.