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Welcome to Focus Energy Hub!


Studies show that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals.

So what do the 8% have in common? Time and again, research has shown that these three things are key: 

  1. Focus
  2. Energy
  3. Community

At Focus Energy Hub, our mission is to help you become part of the 8% - no matter what your age, gender, race, or location.

You might be an entrepreneur or a student, climbing the career ladder or simply wanting to reach your full potential. You’re ambitious, passionate, adventurous and BUSY – which makes it tough to focus on your goals. 

While setting goals and targets is great, it’s only the start. 

To become one of the 8%, it takes focus. It takes energy. It takes community.

That’s where we come in.


Each new day comes with its own opportunities and challenges, tasks and deadlines. 

It’s what makes life so very rich and rewarding, but on the flipside it’s all too easy to be distracted from your goals, to set aside what’s important but not urgent, for the urgent but not important.

Focus is what guides you towards your goals. It encompasses: 

  • mapping out a plan 
  • setting priorities, and homing in on the things which really matter to you
  • living with purpose and intention
  • making the most of every moment
  • eliminating the irrelevant 
  • managing stress and distractions
  • developing endurance
  • appreciating the NOW

Focus includes building the habits to keep your brain and body in peak condition – fitness, nutrition, managing stress to name just a few – so that you are primed and ready to pursue your goals. 


While focus provides the direction, energy is what propels you forward

So how do you fuel your focus, and overcome the inevitable obstacles?

It’s important to remember the path to success is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to power on, not burn out. 

To get the most out of life, it’s all about what you put in. What you put into:

  • your head
  • your heart
  • your body

all have a massive impact on your ability to achieve positive outcomes.  

Enthusiasm generates energy, so discover what you are truly passionate about. Is it pursuing new adventures; taking on a challenge; experiencing the great outdoors; connecting with others? Have fun - and boost your energy levels at the same time!  

But why stop there? Get the laws of physics on your side. By making progress towards your goals, you create momentum, which increases your energy exponentially!


A hub is where it all comes together.

Looking for a supportive community to help you become part of the 8%?

We make it easy for you, by bringing together tips, tools and resources, created in conjunction with professionals in the fields of health, wellbeing, fitness and psychology.

A hub: a central place where the like-minded can come together and connect, and spur each other on to even greater things. The community we are building is for anybody wanting to achieve more in life. 

Stepping out towards success can be a lonely road; many choose the path of mediocrity. We know how important it is to surround yourself with others on the same journey; people who are forward-moving, focused, and positive, help you to do the same.

You don’t have to travel far and wide or search endlessly – because right here at Focus Energy Hub, we bring together all the ingredients to equip you for the ultimate challenge: being the very best version of you. 

 Are you ready to take the first step towards achieving your goals, and becoming part of the 8%? Membership to the Focus Energy Hub is a quick and easy way to build your momentum, with regular inspo and info from our health and wellbeing experts!


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Our Mission 

Is to help people have more energy to focus on a happier life. 

Here at Focus Energy Hub we are determined to help you become part of the 8%, Focused, Fitter, Faster. 

Focused on yourself, your goals, your tasks and your path towards your ideal life
Fitter physically, mentally, spiritually
Faster at finishing your tasks, races and reaching your goals.


Our Vision

By sourcing the best products and professionals. We want to create an international community of people that want to achieve more in life and be that 8%. We want to collaborate with educators, mentors, trainers and creators of the 8% lifestyle. Together we can create a hub for the sustainable high achievers.

Our Values

Smart. Innovative. Creative. Sustainable.

Focused. Fitter. Faster.

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