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⏰ 28th February - 2nd March 7am AEST
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🧠 Focus & Creativity Bootcamp Group


Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Struggling to be productive and creative like you used to be?

Join 3 days FREE Focus & Creativity Bootcamp!


⏰ Only short 15 minutes sessions a day to help you:

🐒   Reset your monkey mind

🤓   Improve your learning skills

🙈   Proven tools to minimise distraction

👩‍🎨   Boost your creativity

👩‍🚀   Become more focused

🚀   Increase your productivity

🧘‍♂️   Reduce the feeling of anxiety and stress


💥This is a Live sample from our 14
days challenge.

Try it for FREE and leave the Review ✍️

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Refocused Relationships


⏰ 18th November 7pm AEST
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Our relationship expectations are changing with time and age. Covid has had a major disruption on the way we look at dating. Some common characteristics of today's relationships are high speed of evolvement, shorter-lasting, uncertainty, minimal reliance and feeling disconnected✄.But what about the feeling of freedom and support that we are looking for? What about a sense of security and care and... love?


Our Special Guest MELISSA FERNANDEZ will bring some light into the darkness.Melissa is a Relationship Book Author, Podcast Host, Relationship & Break-Up Counsellor, a successful Entrepreneur and just an amazing woman!This webinar is about finding someone special in our strange world.But also it is about finding YOU. If You cannot complete yourself, no one else can do that for you.Want to know more?

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Personal Development Event

⏰11th November 7pm AEST
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 Have you experienced being overwhelmed by unpleasant emotions and doubts that only escalate? Have you felt like you are drawing in your own thought? Have your emotions paralysed you from taking the right action? Let's talk.

During this FREE FB Live, our guest, Ksenia Howard, will explain the core principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy to boost your Emotional Intelligence and understand your feelings & emotions better.

Ksenia has completed multiple international courses in phycology and training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Personality Types, Scenario analysis. She has completed Financial Management Bachelor’s degree with honours and currently working towards the Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention. Her goal is to make a positive difference around her.

You will learn how to, instead of drawing, strive and build on what you feel. Our guest will share practical exercises that you can try today.

We will start by explaining there is no such thing as “negative” emotion. All of the important and you can’t feel happy without feeling sad sometimes. But some emotions are uncomfortable, that’s why people fight them and end up struggling instead of just letting it be and giving them space.

This webinar is perfect for people living busy lives, people that strive to achieve more, hustlers and entrepreneurs.

Do you think your friend would benefit? Invite them, it is free.

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Morning Rituals

Have you heard about 21/90 rule?
It takes 21 days to form a habit, and 90 days to make it a part of the lifestyle (Dr Maxwell Maltz ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’)

I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend and is ready to start their week strong!
So many of us are struggling to have consistency in our positive choices. To help you we are releasing 4 online live training sessions. This training has been created by the qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer - Alyssa!

⏰Every Tuesday of October at 7am-7:30am AEST
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🏆Stay Organised and Win prizes

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 05/10 Week 1- plan your week, write those goals down, commit to the achievement

12/10 Week 2- eat that food! Talking about breakfast, sharing recipes and discussing your nutrition goals

19/10 Week 3 - how to get yourself to exercise as a part of the routine

26/10 Week 4- we are having a special guest speak and the winner announcement
Organised October facebook live webinar

So get yourself a coffee and join in our interactive Live Session!
We have 21 days to support you to inherit new positive habits into your morning routine

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Control Your Day. Be the 8%

  • FREE online coaching session
  • 28th September
  • 7pm-8pm AEST

Do you find your day is a mess and exhausting?
Do you frequently find yourself running out of time and losing your mind to stress?

If this sounds like you then join us for our free online coaching session and learn how to take back control of your day!

In the session, we will cover stress management strategies, time management principles and common mistakes and misconceptions people encounter when trying to stay in control.If you are ready to take back control, and learn skills to help you do so, or even just fine-tune the skills you already have, then register via the link below. You will receive the link to join as well as a FREE planning worksheet to help you implement the skills you learn immediately!

Don’t be shy, take control, book your free spot today!
Take Control

control your day online webinar training

Next Event - Redefine You

Would you like to meet in person? Meet Daria and Morgan at the next event - Redefine You

Gold Coast

26th September


Join us on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or in your lounge room (will be virtual also) for this ONE TIME full day event where you'll get CLARITY on exactly where you are in life and how to get you to the next level where you want to be. 

This event is for you if...

  •  You are currently feeling a little stuck and are unsure on how to progress
  • You have big aspirations, goals and dreams, yet lack the 'know how' to achieve them

  • You have been working so hard towards your goals, yet still, they seem to be so far away

  • You are unclear of what your passions and purpose are

  • You KNOW you are not made for the 9-5 and want to design your own life

  • You're wanting to know how you can finally live life with more passion, purpose, joy and fun

  • You want to take control of your world and stop letting the outside noise control you emotionally

  • You're ready to STOP having things hold you back from what it is you want

Redefine You event

Limited tickets available. Book now.

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