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10 Tools for Unstoppable People on Ambition, Depression and Anxiety

So many entrepreneurs are seen as the happiest people on earth. They are always active, full of ideas, smile, have people around them. But are they?…

Forbes, the top mana ask each for business and entrepreneurship, published several articles about depression and anxiety. It is because there is a high demand for it in the world of business. 

Reasons entrepreneurs get depressed include

  • Empty successes
  • Naturally being prone to high levels of anxiety
  • Difficulty not feeling in control
  • Feeling burnt out
  • Unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle 
  • Long work hours
  • Taking too much on
  • Trying to motivate others, but not yourself
  • Not asking for help
  • Financials and other responsibilities 
entrepreneur stress pressure

According to Forbes, Entrepreneurs are:

It all sounds a bit depressing. Especially for people like myself who are dreaming to change the world and create new things…scary…

But there are ways. Here are some tip that can help you as entrepreneurs or if you are under high pressure. 


1. Anticipate 

 If you start a business, it will be stressful. And it’s ok. If you have exams coming up. You will be under pressure. And it’s ok. 

First, just admit that it most probably will happen. 

planning research anticipation


2. Prepare 
Don’t overload your schedule with things that are not important. Enrolling into every course online at once will not help you to avoid problems. Start organising your life in preparation of big events. Sort out as many pending tasks as you can. Some ideas:

  • Set up email box rules to filter your email
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters that you currently do not need, you alway can come back to them later
  • Pay that outstanding parking ticket and get it off your list
  • Automate some of the payments that are consistent and trusted


3. Find supportive community or network


Can be friends and family, but even better mentors and other entrepreneurs. Your family will always love you, but they will not always understand your mindset. 

Invest in mentorship. Those people will guide you how to deal with the problems and stress. 

community support network


4. Eat

    MacDonalds and pizza and not going to keep your energy levels up. They will make you feel bloated and tired. Choose greens, healthy food, easy to digest. You can cook it yourself (Eg weekly cook up) or use meal delivery services like Hello Fresh, Macros, My Muscle Chef and Garden of Vegan


    5. Sleep

      Put sleep in your schedule. At least 7 hours. Better 8, so you have time to relax before bed and wake up slowly. 

      You can try alternative sleep patterns (see our blog on Sleep) but don’t do it right before the exam or just as you start your business. All trials should be done prior so you can concentrate on what is important. 


      6. Exercise

      You don’t need to live at the gym. But you need to move somehow. Some ideas for you: swimming, yoga, home exercise, dancing, boxing… see our office exercise blog for specific exercises suitable for an office environment. 


      7. Take time for yourself 

        I know you can keep working. I know you need to push. But without recharge, you will become an empty shell. Take time to refill your energy. Make your life more balanced. You can read more on that here.


        disconnect balance

        Some ideas: sunrise meditation outdoors, walk on the beach, hike in the mountains, day out with friends on a boat, drive trip to another town. 

        Main task - to disconnect. Your mind will recharge and come up with more ideas and solutions than before. 


        8. Journaling & Planning

        Write down your goals. In details. Following the SMART guideline - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely. 



        You can use one of our Free Action Templates for that. 

        Plan your week and tasks. That will reduce the stress of the unknown, help to ensure everything is done and keep you on track. Remember that feeling when you can ✅ that big task of your list! That brings me to the next point. 

        goal planner template focus

        9. Celebrate your success

          I know that sky's the limit (or not), and we always want more, but let’s celebrate small wins. Got the assessment done - achievement, set up your business Instagram page - amazing (by the way, remember to follow us on IG and FB), found a person to collaborate with - GREAT JOB! Celebrate those!

          celebrate gifts
          And I’m not talking about a mad party with champagne showers (though definitely suitable for some occasions), but even building yourself your favourite ice cream, or booking a massage, or going to watch that game live… Yes, it’s generally an investment of your time and money, but it’s important. You are not only relaxing, but teaching your brain that you did a great job. So your brain will do it again!


          10. Notice

            Take a look around you. Notice how far you have come. 

            Ask yourself how you feel? Why?

            Depression is not a headache. Depression is a slowly evolving condition. Some symptoms are:

            • Low energy
            • Bad sleep
            • Lack of sex drive
            • No appetite 
            • Losing interest in what you like
            • Avoiding people or conversations
            • Lack of excitement 
            smile love

              Very often, we don’t realise that it is happening to us. 

              entrepreneur happy focused energised

              On the other hand, try to pull yourself out of this mood. You need to open your eyes to see the sunshine. Some ideas to get yourself out of that is to change the scenery or go through an adrenaline rush. 


              Change of scenery could be a vacation away, changing job or just gym, choosing a new driving route every day, changing the cafe you are going to for lunch. That will stimulate your brain to pay attention.


              And extreme sports and adrenaline are tools to activate your survival instincts and hype up heart rate. Some ideas: sky dive, off road car race, scuba diving, rafting. That will bring more excitement and will make you feel alive. 


              I hope those tips helped you to manage busy time better. Which one was your favourite tip? Comment below or email us on hello@focusenergyhub.com . Remember to stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter. 

               Today we are celebrating the R U Ok? Day. One of the few mental health reminders we currently have. R U OK? is an Australian non-profit suicide prevention organisation, founded by advertiser Gavin Larkin in 2009. It revolves around the slogan "R U OK?" (are you okay?), and advocates for people to have conversations with others.
              r u ok? mental health

              I encourage you to not be fooled by a fake smile or a quiet ‘I’m busy’, and ask people if they are ok. We all are going through some hard times, and we need each other to make it out there. 




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