10 Minute Booty Buster Workout

Health and Wellbeing | 10-Minute Booty Buster Workout

First! Warm those legs up! Find yourself a bit of space and bring those knees up high while jogging on the spot. Do this for 1 minute then throw in 10 jumps and try and bring those knees to your chest (as high as you can get them). Do two rounds of this to get the blood pumping!

Now you’re feeling warm let’s get into it! Below is a list of exercises, you goal is to get through as many rounds of the list as possible within 10 minutes. The post below and let us know how you did! 



1. 20 x sumo squats 

Feet out nice and wide, toes pointing out, squeeze that butt on the way up.

2. 30 x alternating lunges

Standing on the same spot, step one leg forward, drop that back knee to touch the ground and come back up to standing position.

3. 10 x jump squats

Soft landings, absorb the impact and land into the squat, get those butts down low!, for people with bad knees modify this to standing squats.

4. 20 x butt raises

Down on the ground laying on your back with your feet flat on the ground, lift and squeeze that butt at the top. To really feel the burn hold that squeeze at the top for 5 seconds.

5. 20 x Leg raises from plank position

This last one is a little cheeky and getting your abs and shoulders involved. Get into a tall plank position, raise one leg up making sure to keep that butt squeezed and abs tight and make sure not to let your back arch, keep it flat and straight. If this is too much for you, drop to your knees and raise each leg bent. 


 Your 10 minutes starts now! Let us know how many rounds you got in, and what other workouts you would like to see!

Don't forget to stretch those legs out!

- Alyssa Michel -


All images are from www.spotebi.com – Spotebi Fitness & Nutrition



  • Thank you! Will pin it for my 10 days fitness challenge!

  • That’s awesome! Will pin it for my 10 days challenge!


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